Application & Financial Information 

August 2019 — July 2020

Partnerships for Affordable Christian Education

Valley Christian Academy’s mission is to partner with families to provide an academically excellent education within the context of a Biblical worldview. Partnering families are defined as those who are “Personally Interceding, Personally Involved and Personally Investing” in Valley Christian Academy. This involves committing to pray for VCA, volunteer at school events, and raise funds for the school.

Eastanallee Baptist Church has also partnered with Valley Christian Academy and helps support the school through prayer, facilities, and direct support. Through this partnership and fundraising efforts, Valley Christian Academy is able to offer a private, Christian education at the most affordable rate possible.

tuition and Fees

Monthly tuition for students in grades kindergarten through eight is $318 per month for 12 months ($3816 annually).

Multi-Child Discounts

The second child discounted rate is $268 per month.

Children thereafter

For each child thereafter, the discounted rate is $193 per month.

*All monthly payments are due on the 5th of each month and are on a twelve month basis.


More Information

An application fee of $100 will be assessed for new applicants.

A curriculum fee of $150 will also be assessed annually.

A re-enrollment fee of $100 will be assessed each spring for each child re-enrolling at VCA.

Some school supplies, uniforms, and other items must be purchased by the parent.

Valley Christian Academy Preschool

PK3 and PK4 are $25 per day.

5 Days per week: $450 per month for 10 months.

3 Days per week: $270 per month for 10 months.

An application and curriculum fee will also be assessed annually.

There are no multi-child discounts for PK3 and PK4.

Enrollment Dates

Current students in good standing are given the opportunity to re-enroll before the start of the next school year. Re-enrolling guarantees your student a spot before classes fill and helps the school plan for the upcoming school year. Students who do not re-enroll by the deadline will not be guaranteed admission for upcoming school year and must reapply as a new student.

Re-enrollment Fee

Each student will be assessed a re-enrollment fee of $100. The re-enrollment fee is due by March 1. The re-enrollment fee is nonrefundable.  There is no multi-child discount for the re-enrollment fee.


January and February: Re-enrollment for current students in good-standing. No Re-enrollment will be accepted before January 1.

March 1: Enrollment opens to all, including PK 3, PK4, and kindergarten. Newly approved applicants will be placed in classes as space allows.