Parents Julie and Brandon Ladd write below about what makes Valley Christian Academy unique.

Valley Christian Academy has been a timely and precise answer to our prayers regarding the education of our children.  The foremost desire of our hearts as parents is for our children to progress not only academically and socially, but above all, spiritually.

We have three children enrolled at VCA, and one more at home.  Five years ago when our oldest began public school, it was brought to our attention that although he was academically advanced, he would most likely struggle with the structure and expectations in the grade levels ahead.  This was certainly true, and each year was spent in the same conversations regarding his lack of focus and impulsivity.  It was suggested that he had ADHD more than once.

This same child began at VCA at the beginning of his fourth grade year.  Though he is still impulsive at times and still maturing, he has been called a leader among his peers, and is praised by his teachers for this God-given ability.  He’s been allowed to work ahead to his level, but not allowed to move ahead without complete skill mastery.

Instead of being anxious and overstimulated, he is relaxed and comfortable.  The smaller class size decreases his impulsivity and helps with focus.  He expresses that he can ask questions and receive feedback from Mrs. Carter, his teacher, as needed.  He is learning to research by completing activities that ask Biblical questions and require searching for answers in scripture.  These study skills are learned in class, so he isn’t bombarded with homework every night.  The projects at are sent home encourage parental involvement and are enjoyable.

He is flourishing as his horizons are being broadened.  His class is learning Greek so that they may appropriately interpret the Bible.  They have specials each week such Spanish, music, art (including artist profiles and history), and life sciences.  He is learning how to behave according to proper etiquette and valuable skills such as cooking, gardening, handiwork, music, and the arts.

Overall and most importantly, Mrs. Carter prioritizes matters of the heart and Christ-likeness above all else.  When this is the priority, her classroom is evidence that all else falls right into place.

All three of our children attending VCA have different personalities, and certainly different strengths and weaknesses.  Yet all three are prospering in all areas, and they love going to school.  We attribute their enjoyment these key factors:

  • The message at school is consistent with the message they get at home and church. There is no conflicting information, no secular influences, no movies or music that we wouldn’t watch or hear at home.
  • The traditional curriculum is not confusing, and the students are not over-tested. Teachers can pull from different sources and materials, including the Bible, and can work one on one with students to help each child learn according to his/her individual learning style.
  • At VCA, kids can be kids. They go outside often, and have plenty of play time.  Having three boys and knowing their energy level and short attention spans, we can attest this is imperative to their development and overall well-being.
  • Heart issues are addressed instead of stand alone behavior. Proverbs 4:23 says “Above all else, guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.”  The discipleship aspect of the teaching at VCA is excellent, and a pivotal aspect for spiritual growth.

Lastly, we cannot say enough about the professionalism, knowledge, and kindness of the Valley Christian Academy faculty and staff.  It is evident that each person on staff is spiritually mature, so full of grace, and enjoys their job and their students.  Mrs. Moody is an incredible leader, with quiet wisdom and strength.  She is warm yet in control.  The students love and respect her, and we consider her an extraordinary blessing to the school.

As a parent coming into the school, the peace and joy that fills the atmosphere is refreshing.  There has never been a time that we haven’t been welcomed into the school or into the classroom to observe or be with our child.  The events and day to day operations are clearly bathed in prayer.

Valley Christian Academy’s distinctively Christian and life-prep education model will undoubtedly produce well-rounded individuals who have learned to seek and discern the will of God for their lives.  We are confident that Valley Christian Academy prepares them for wherever He may lead.

We continue to praise God for a school like Valley Christian Academy, and are eternally grateful for those who have invested their time and resources to make it successful.