Mission and Vision Review

Parents, we need your help!

Over the next several weeks, Valley Christian Academy faculty and staff will be taking some time to review our mission and vision statements. We would love to hear from as many parents as we can during this review process.

Valley Christian Academy’s mission statement is simply a statement of why we exist or what our purpose is.  The vision statement is a statement of where we want to be in the future or our direction.

Ideally, all that we do as a school should align with our mission statement, whether it be selecting curriculum, participating in a service project, or even deciding on a class project. To do that well, we must periodically review our mission and vision to ensure it still reflects our priorities as a school.  

Our current mission and vision statements were established before the school launched. Now that we have a little time under our belts, we feel it is a good time to reflect and review our purpose and direction.

Here is where we need your help.  Please review the current mission and vision by clicking the link provided on the PTF Facebook page or the link that will be printed on the October 15 newsletter.  Please comment on the current statements. Do the current statements accurately reflect your view of VCA’s purpose and direction? Are there words or phrases that need to be tweaked?  Is there a better way to state the message we are trying to get across?

All comments will be collected and taken to the mission and vision review team, a team that will be composed of parents, school staff, and church members.  This team will analyze the comments and current mission and vision and make any needed adjustments.

Thank you in advance for your help!