Fee Payments

Fees are non-refundable monies collected over and above regular tuition payments. There are set fees that are collected each year, and there are occasional incidental fees that may vary from class to class and from year to year. Please be aware that efforts are made to keep all fees as low as possible for our families.

Annual Fees

Application Fee—$100

All new applicants must pay a $100 application fee.

Re-enrollment Fee—$100

Each January, all returning students must pay a $100 re-enrollment fee to secure their spot for the upcoming school year.

Curriculum Fee—$150

Each student is assessed a curriculum fee at the beginning of each school year. The curriculum fees are used to buy classroom resources such as textbooks, consumables (workbooks), and other curricular resources. There is no multi-child discount for the curriculum fee.

Other Fees

Other fees may be assessed over the course of the school year. These fees are normally minimal and cover costs of special projects and special projects and normally range anywhere from $2 to $20 dollars.

There are several optional items that parents may choose whether or not to purchase such as lunch program, aftercare, yearbooks, and school pictures.